Tuesday, September 8, 2015

September 5 - Cavendish Beach

Another stressful morning reading the papers on line, drinking coffee and watching the ocean. 
It's a hard life.

Today was beach day! 
It was  a nice sunny and warm morning and we went back to Cavendish to check out the beach.

Lobsters traps. 

The Cavendish Beach is inside a National Park and it costs $15.60 to get in. 
They have camping sites, picnic areas and playground, but we just hung out on the beach. 

The water was super cold, but they went in anyway.

Sand sculptures.

This is happiness!

No need to say anything else, right?

Giggio - Fifi's inseparable friend - also enjoyed the sun.

 After the beach we all got excited to do something very local: an evening of east coast music. They are called Ceilidhs over here (pronounces "gay - lees") and they happen almost daily in different communities around the island. Unfortunately there was just one close by today, and when we got there it was sold out. We could still enjoy the fun music from the outs for a bit.

FROM WIKIPEDIA: In modern usage, a cèilidh or ceilidh /ˈkli/ is a traditional Gaelic social gathering, which usually involves playing Gaelic folk music and dancing. It originated from Ireland and Scotland, but is now common throughout the Scottish and Irish diasporas, as well as throughout England in a fusion with English country dance.

Visiting PEI in September is not a good idea because most of attractions are already closed for the summer.  We missed the good lunch at the Culinary Institute of Canada, the Anne of Green Gables musical, and small music performances. But there is one advantage: shopping. Most of stores have huge blow out end of season sales.

The Cavendish Boardwalk at night - an option for late shoppers.

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